Easter Weekend

Hey there,

I am proud to say my editing skills have been improving. Please sit back with me and enjoy the events of my Easter break unfold from karaoke to Church and bowling and yummy food.

On that note, I WILL be blogging soon and I can’t wait to explore my youth once again. April just hasn’t been the easiest month for writing with all my deadlines looming!


Abigail’s Birthday

Hey there,

Below is a video log of my friend’s 22nd pre birthday celebrations. We spent the day taking some photographs of her new age then finished with dinner at Vapianos, Italian restaurant in London. She also shared some wisdom nuggets with us on things she’s learnt at 21.



Our day at Hoar Cross Hall

Hey there,

So on Tuesday 14th February, I spent the day at a stately home situated near Birmingham and recorded a vlog (finally!)

This is the second vlog but seeing as it’s much better I decided to get rid of the first one.

Due to camera restrictions at the venue I was unable to video all our activities on this day but here’s for the memories: