Twenty-one year old me became quite officially engaged on the 10th day of the ninth month 2017 by the poolside of a majestic villa in a quiet beach town, beautifully embedded amongst the many others adorning the Southeast of Asia.

She accepted to become Mrs H. beyond reasonable doubt. She climbed a volcano the next day.

Twenty-one year old me became two decades and two on the 10th day of this month.

She will miss this.

She will miss twenty-one year old me for the love of a few things that she was. She was brave, unrelenting, wanting, talented and dare I say it – fearless. She was up, up, and away. Nothing could crash her. She had been through it all. The rollercoaster of emotions and the ferris wheel of life that followed.

& now she is here – at the end of the beginning of an eventful journey – engaged to be married. Beyond reasonable doubt.

It is not to say twenty-two year old me has left these qualities behind. Twenty-two year old me is the strongest person I know because of her. She still has work to do. She is having to learn to trust God with everything she has in this moment – she is learning to trust God in this way; beyond reasonable doubt.

She, too, is striving for infinity and beyond.

& so there is more to come.

But otobetwentyone; it is to be wonderfully and incredibly shaped.


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