As I write this I am seated in a hand made wooden chair adorned with cushions the colour of the sun, orange trees and fire. My chair finds itself settled inside a coffee shop commissioned by an Australian male with South East Asian sensibilities. I am just off the corner of my temporary home in Bali; an Island I have been on, now 24 days and counting. This well formed piece of the earth’s crust, has been bestowed the worthy title of ‘Island of the gods’ . Outside, there is a neighbourhood sidewalk paved with galleries. Galleries showcasing an array of wooden carvings and artistic exhibits.

And I’ve found myself submerged into it all like an incredibly vivid dream.

As a now (much) older version of my twenty-one year old self, I have found the backbone on which to grow wings wide enough to fly over to this far corner of the earth. And after being politely squeezed into a room with others I don’t consider familiar enough to move past the cloudy fog of acquaintance, grappling with nights out in the wild, living in fear of the unknown and the rest of the hassles that have found themselves my way henceforth, I have come to learn that Angela can and will always reach inside of herself to find the strength to be bold, no matter the circumstance.

Looking through the lens of the girl starting this blog in the crowning moments of December of last year, I couldn’t be more impressed.

In my short time so far on this Island, I have come to meet new, interesting and diverse people. People with ambition, hopes and dreams; aspirations they aim to fabricate into existence. I have seen people that have the world at their fingertips but yet still cultivate the desire to work for it. People starting from ground up. Others coming to the end of this long and outrageously courageous path.

Amongst these there are those like me; those learning to begin. People attempting to find themselves at home, even when they are away. An enthralling cluster of souls jumping out of their zone of comfort, ready to tell the world that they are here, HERE and everywhere.

Indeed am only beginning this wild and adventurous path. I have yet so much more to learn as a budding twenty-two year old. But until then, here’s to being twenty-one! And here’s to us being exactly where we are – home and away.


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