I was due an upload of a video log of my experiences in Morocco like last week but, let’s just say I’ll get it done soon as I get it done.


Recently, however, it has come to my attention that my twenty-first year is quickly drawing to a close. I imagined I had quite a lengthy, length of time ahead of me, but it seems I am away in Indonesia in two weeks. I won’t be back till just under a month before my twenty-second birthday.

I’ve been completely beguiled by the momentum this year has gathered right before my very eyes. I was convinced I would be blogging more frequently with the coming of each month but it turns out I had other plans?

Not to say this is my last post – I don’t believe it is, but I do believe the end is nigh.

I started up this blog, initially, as an answer or a means of finding my way out of a very heavy fog in my life or perhaps a raging storm – whatever could describe it best. But in all of the ups and downs, at twenty-one this blog has taught me that there is never a right time to do anything.

In the words of Chris Brown,

There’s never a right time to say goodbye.

In a similar fashion there is never a right time to update my blog. Many-a-times, I stumble upon my blog page and decide to say something right then and there. There is never a right time to learn my guitar. I could go on, but I assume you get the gist.

Now, it may sound a bit like an antithesis to the words of Ecclesiates Chapter 3 which dedicates quite a few words to elaborating simply on that fact; there is a time for everything. But in this case, I guess what I am trying to say is that at twenty-one, if I failed to take the initiative of getting myself out of my own way, many of my now accomplishments would still be a thing of my imagination – a distant thought – a string of ideas with added potential.

At twenty-one, I have discovered so much about Angela.

She loves to read. She loves to talk. She loves to love. She is more than capable. She is a risk taker. She turns pain into a physician. She is both passionate and apathetic. She is difficult at times. She likes to write. She is a lover of all things involving good food. She makes note of the person she is and is becoming. She rids herself of the not-so-great parts of her character. She is constantly being refined. Aaaand, most poignant of all she is loved.

So in the end, I must tell you my kind readers to seize every opportunity to grow, to make something of yourself, to conquer your fears, to put up a fight against the wars being fought in your mind, (body and soul) and push for a better tomorrow.

P.s. Apparently I like dogs now too.


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