So at the moment, the photo above is me.

I just thought it’d be useful to point that out. If one digs a little deeper into the title of this, you will come to realise I’m sort of marking something out here.

And that is:

Life is one thing. Living it is another.

That photo is a more recent version of myself; more recent than the previous one I featured on Shedding. Not to say, I can’t look like that in any given situation but really to say that life is one thing. Living it is another. By that I mean, things change from moment to moment. This is a longstanding truth: Life remains as it is, in it’s character, bright and full of promise.

But at twenty-one I have come to find that living is what brings about the change we tend to attribute it from the unrecognisable in our own experiences. It’s the change that happens in us. Life changes not itself, but us. I have come to learn that throughout my life, things like my style or look or whatever I prefer may evolve from one phase to another – and so will my perspective.

A year ago, I never would have imagined myself standing in front of a wall in North Africa taking candids. But there I am – smiling. With a genuine heart. See, I have never caught myself mid smile. Not in photo or live action. Not to say I do not smile. I do. But hence far, till I came about this age (twenty-one in case you didn’t quite get the memo), only strangers (others, apart from myself) have experienced the pleasure of my genuine smile. So thank you to my special friend, who caught my smile on this beautiful day. Because, indeed her timing was perfect. It is my smile.

I am finally arriving at life and living it, and my smile says it all. I never thought I could look this free from pain. I am finally enjoying myself for who I am. I am finally starting to let go of my past. I do have the occasional setbacks but 2017 has been treating me well! It is teaching me that there is more to come from Miss Kumah.

So here’s to life. As well as to living it!

On that note, I will be uploading a video log of my experiences in Marrakesh soon & I send my love, to whomever finds themselves reading this.


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