Recently I came across this word:


I wondered what it meant so I searched it up amongst my other google conquests amid my usual state of boredom at work.

I work with people – in the literal sense.

It’s funny that – being a person myself, I’d be quick to judge traditional office hours as mind murdering and uninspiring. But people can be mind murdering and uninspiring too (arr, the optimism). If you do find yourself in an office environment, count yourself lucky. You’ll probably never face cleaning up a stranger’s personal messes in their own home.

So I’m sure you’ve gathered (by now) that working a job like mine isn’t the typical 9-5 as we know it. Unfortunately though, being a person and a student, it leaves me feeling down under sometimes and I don’t mean the well known reference to Australia. I mean when life gives throws you lemons bricks and you end up hit right in the face and brutally damaged under the rubble.


However, forgetting the lemons – or lack thereof, life at this ripe old age has begun teaching me that when our initially promising conquests start to turn sour, we don’t necessarily have to drop to the ground in defeat. Rather, if we learn to hold on that little bit longer, we can expect our hardships to start to ease and at times, become a little sweeter.


The feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom.

Ennui is a normal part of the human condition.

Without the sense of accomplishment that comes with overcoming our obstacles and (let’s be real) feeling important, our current occupations can often leave us dry and empty. But perhaps one day, thanks to the discontentment that comes with ennui, we may build enough rapport to gather our lemons that life so graciously hands out to us, to fix ourselves a pretty damn refreshing drink.

In other words we must eventually digest the idea that nothing good in life ever comes easy. Like seriously. Unless of-course: you’re Joel.

fullsizeoutput_57e(inside joke).

Amongst the enigma and everything else in between, at twenty-one years of age I’ve come to absorb this: I will, at various points in time, need to rustle up a few lemons and squeeze the hell out of them. So I may as well add a little sugar whilst I’m at it.

After all, what’s an english tea, without some milk? And we both know I’m British.

*clearsthroat* Yes, we were talking about lemonade. But that’s the #goal.


2 thoughts on “Lemonade goals

  1. Love the piece and it’s humour! Keep on squeezing the lemons!

    At least you are makig use of the lemons.

    Oh about the inside joke… I think it’s because I am allergic to lemons *sips on tea* as life has never thrown me any lemons


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