I’ve been doing a lot of letting go of late.

Letting go of my hair, letting go of my feelings, my society position at university next year, my hairy legs that don’t seem to be getting on with the changing seasons, my incessant need to be right and mostly my obsession over having the last say in everything. Because recently at twenty-one, I have come to the edge of the start of something new.

I’ve been letting in light and love because life is too short (apparently it is. I couldn’t say – I haven’t lived It all). And in situations like this I wish I could tell the future but hey ho, that’s what God’s for. *waiting on God to start reading my palms*.

I have acquired, however, a rough sketch of next year (Go2018!) but I haven’t a blue’s clue what to do with my life in the far off but near to shore future at hand. So for now it appears I am on


All that sun, sea and sand aside, I plan to swim in enough ocean of money somewhere in Dubai not to care. I mean don’t get me wrong – I’m pretty loaded *in Jesus name* but that’s future me (oo I hear the bells ringing for a blog series – let’s hear it for Otobetwentytwo too! boo yaa!).

But in my current state of existence in 2017, I am but a student who is struggling between a city I call home and the place I am getting my degree. Trust me. This is deeper than it looks on paper.


Apparently, however, a degree is as deep as it looks on paper so getting one must mean something. Right?

If ever I can say I’ve learnt any lessons at twenty-one for my future kids it will be this: Life doesn’t always give you answers. Because in situations like this, the situation is the only certainty. But do we give up? Absolutely not. Our achievements are just as valid as our want to run away from the fight and set up camp on no man’s island.

So get your degrees kids! Or else.

I’ll be back with a book review-ish soon (I say that in faith).

To Infinity and beyond!


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