If it isn’t obvious by now it will become strikingly apparent in the next sentence *currently under construction* that I am the C word.

No – Not that C word. The other one.

Yup folks – The skyscraper building, shattering glass windows, infinity-beyonding twenty-one-year-old is a Christian.

Now, as an advocate for God the father, it’s ironic that my father has left me a little bit hopeless and in the middle of nowhere when it comes to matters of fatherhood.


But thank God for stepdads who come swooping in to clean up some of the mess scattered behind, making it possible – after all these years – to arrive at a matured and seasoned understanding of God as father.

In order to elaborate, however, I must note down a few things:

Firstly, it is now common knowledge to me that if you want to brace yourself for the future – God is your man. This conclusion dawned on me like the morning sunrise, weeks leading up to my twenty-first birthday. It achieved further peaks over the horizon come my voyage into the new year. On the way, I sat and pondered over the events of 2016 and it hit home that I was made privy to a private screening (or as we like to call it – dream) of the events of the coming year right back at its humble beginnings.

Secondly, I have reached the settlement that God has a sense of humour – even whilst punishing his children. Somewhere in the time of the Pharaohs, he just so happened to have led an ancient group of people (we’ve come to know today as the Jews), out of Egypt and around the desert for 40 years on a 10-day journey to some promised land that was, indeed, promised but very much delayed as a result. Looking at the story, he didn’t necessarily allow this for his own amusement but you’ve got to appreciate a good laugh if you decide to let people get lost for 40 years, knowing their destination is around the corner?

Thirdly, God isn’t as uptight as he is usually made to seem – just a little overwhelming with his threats. Through the prophets of old, I’ve found that he’s soft at heart – that he wants to be loved and respected the way he does, me. Perhaps even more so (being GOD and all), he gets upset with a little all-powerful-almighty-wrath when this doesn’t necessarily pan out so well. That being said, he was willing to die (and did die) on my behalf. I’m not even sure I could do the same.

But without running the risk of chasing after pages of never-ending stories, you must be wondering – what exactly have these few things taught me about the universe building, man making, head of state in the heavenly realms?


Well, as the C word, twenty-one-year-old me has come to know this: the G word isn’t just around for when I need the ‘rule of thumb’. The G word has feelings. He isn’t merely responsible for bringing in cold winds from the north or for hanging the stars at night. Nor is he only good for keeping roaring seas at bay or positioning the moon in the middle of the darkness.

In the end, it’s worth noting that the G word is also a really big F word. No – Not that F word. The other one. And, as a result, my existence – here and now – isn’t his only real prerogative to date.


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