My teddy bear goes by the name of Hansuke.

It’s derived from two Japanese words,

Han – Companion
Suke – Help

Together, Hansuke’s name means,

A very helpful friend.

He was a gift from a great companion and has really stuck by me through thick and thick..well that and because he’s a big fat teddy.

Upon becoming 21, I’ve realised that helpful companionship is a sure anchor in the raging seas of young adulthood. And I don’t mean this lightly.

8d3e87e0-2863-4239-b524-083eed2d48ddcouldn’t help it…

A helpful companion gives life. Not in the physical way (that would be quite disturbing) but much like a concept I read about in Ken Shigematsu’s God in my everything (an absolutely worthwhile read for people trying to experience God fully) in which he presents a discourse on life-giving friendships; the sort of friendships that not only make you happy but heavily enrich you and equip you to become the person you were created to be!

The best example I can offer of a life-giving friendship is David and Jonathan from the Bible (1st Samuel chapters 18 to 20)

Basically, when David was in deep doo doo, Jonathan was more than a brother (Proverbs 18:24). Despite all the struggles he was to face with his Father the King, Jonathan was ready to help David fulfil his God-given purpose and refused to be in the way. I mean how life-giving is that?


Now, I remember a time, once-upon-a-time, that I had no real friendships. I also remember a time I took my life-giving friendships for granted. I hurt significant individuals in my life very dearly as I really had no idea what it meant to be a good friend.

For me, friendship was more of a picture involving having good friends – not particularly being one.

Upon becoming 21 and establishing who my friends are, I’ve learnt that.. just like that, friends can become siblings. My friends – from new acquaintances and those I’ve shared a home with and to those I’ve chartered the storms of life within the past decade, have all taught me different but weighty lessons on what it means to share a friendship.

To list a handful of these scrumptious nuggets of wisdom:

  1. Life is better when we laugh together 
  2. Awkwardness doesn’t have to be awkward
  3. Love is a doing word
  4. We’re only as strong as the knots we tie with our own hands
  5. Zara is bae

Yes. Zara is bae. And I don’t even like the word bae. *cries*

I’ve also learnt that there’s no such thing as a perfect friendship. Sometimes our expectations aren’t met and sometimes they are. There are times we don’t catch up for a while and times when we don’t have enough words to say.

Being that as it may, there is a strength that I derive from these individuals when I am broken.

So as a 21-year-old it’s lavish on my heart to say,

Cheers and thank you to the mini Hansuke I’ve found in each and everyone of you!



2 thoughts on “Hansuke

  1. AWW I love Hansuke, I would love to have one soon lol.
    Btw there is a saying that goes”make new friends but keep the old as one is silver and the other one gold”. Life is indeed better when we laugh together. Loved it.


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