So some time on the tenth of October 2016, I turned 21! And so started my journey to the future..ish.

For most of us coming of age is a wonderful experience to behold. I, on the contrary, was a little smashed into pieces.

Why – you ask?

Jumping the bridge of long winded explanations, I’ll just go down the Carrie Bradshaw route then call it a day.

So here goes:

On the night of my birthday soirée, I took a moment and realized I had awesome people surrounding me, but then it got to me. The hardest part wasn’t smiling with everyone (as if all was well that ended well), the hardest part was figuring out life when that party was over (Yes. So cliche but so painfully true).

There I was, at twenty-one with not much but a journal in hand and a pen to show for it. I hadn’t a clue who I was or in fact who I had become.


Long story short, a lot happened in the year 2016 that I haven’t yet come to understand. By the end of it, I just knew that I had turned twenty-one and everything had changed (& ladies, I mean everything).

So join me as I cruise the waves of life that sometimes refresh and other times come crashing down on you like a giant tsunami.

Oh to be twenty one.. it’s gonna be a hell of a ride but in the famous words of Buzz Lightyear:

To infinity and beyond!


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