Life. & living it.

So at the moment, the photo above is me.

I just thought it’d be useful to point that out. If one digs a little deeper into the title of this, you will come to realise I’m sort of marking something out here.

And that is:

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So let’s face it.

At twenty-one I’m becoming a bit of a stripper.

I’m stripping down and shedding. I’m shedding that destructive little girl who didn’t really know her left from right.

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Still Overboard

Lately, I have come to discover a little truth about my current self.  That truth is:

I’m still overboard. 

And by that, I mean I am still working through the mess left behind from my recent conundrums in life. In my current state of being, I have acknowledged that I am not perfection – yes. But it is that sort of acknowledgement that strengthens me, motivates me and pushes my twenty-one year old self to get better and be better.  Read more

Abba and old new beginnings

Abba/ἀββα is a Greek word.

Translated it means,


But I’d like to think it more intimate. Because there exists, enough words in the Greek vocabulary for ‘father’.

Abba, ἀββα seems so infantile. It calls out to trust. Unshaken in its own vulnerability. Whether inhaling or exhaling, whether I runneth over, whether I have nothing left it is, but one, of the very few words I find myself breathing out without labour for air in my lungs. And lately, in the secret world of my own ponderings on which I have become fixated and accustomed, I find myself in a place where I am vacating the past in order to live in the present. So, in all honesty, ἀββα is my only solace.

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Easter Weekend

Hey there,

I am proud to say my editing skills have been improving. Please sit back with me and enjoy the events of my Easter break unfold from karaoke to Church and bowling and yummy food.

On that note, I WILL be blogging soon and I can’t wait to explore my youth once again. April just hasn’t been the easiest month for writing with all my deadlines looming!

Abigail’s Birthday

Hey there,

Below is a video log of my friend’s 22nd pre birthday celebrations. We spent the day taking some photographs of her new age then finished with dinner at Vapianos, Italian restaurant in London. She also shared some wisdom nuggets with us on things she’s learnt at 21.



Blue’s Clue

I’ve been doing a lot of letting go of late.

Letting go of my hair, letting go of my feelings, my society position at university next year, my hairy legs that don’t seem to be getting on with the changing seasons, my incessant need to be right and mostly my obsession over having the last say in everything. Because recently at twenty-one, I have come to the edge of the start of something new.

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